Lady May

Lady May

Lady May

So excited to introduce Lady May as a major new writer for sarahNet Ltd.

Lady May is a Herbalist, Healer and Wise Woman.  Through her writings you will see the English Countryside in its magical glory.

You can read some of her writing at Sage Woman Blog

Lady May’s Book:  Blessed Be – A Walk Through a Year In the English Countryside is now available on Kindle. Download an account of animals and plants for each month of the year as well as a set of seasonal remedies and recipes. Enchantment all year round!

Customer reviews of Blessed Be

What a lovely book, a modern day Gilbert White, I loved the recipes and the illustrations are simply stunning what a lovely book to dip in and out of through the year and reminds me of my beloved Hampshire

Please join us over at our Facebook page for more information on the illustrations that we have put together for her book Blessed Be.